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Shaanxi mineral water equipment installation

简介—— The original water tank stores the raw water and is used to precipitate the large sediment particles and other precipitable substances in the water。At the same time, buffer the unstable water pressure in the original water pipe for water treatment...

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       Mineral water equipment composition
       Raw water tank

       Store raw water for settling large sediment particles and other precipitable substances in the water。At the same time, the impact of unstable water pressure in the original water pipe on the water treatment system is buffered。(such as the reaction of pressure sensing caused by too low or too high water pressure)。

Shaanxi mineral water treatment equipment

       Raw water pump
       Constant system water supply pressure, stable water supply。
       Multimedia filter
       The use of multiple filter layers of filters, the main purpose is to remove the sediment, rust, colloidal substances, suspended solids and other particles contained in the raw water in more than 20um of the material, can choose manual valve control or automatic controller for backwashing, washing and other operations。** The water quality of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment。
       Activated carbon filter
       The activated carbon filter is used in the system. The activated carbon can not only adsorb electrolyte ions, but also ion exchange adsorption。The oxygen consumption (COD) of potassium permanganate can be reduced from 15mg/L(O2) to 2-7mg /L(O2) by activated carbon adsorption.,此外,The concentration of surface being adsorbed and replicated increases due to adsorption,Therefore, it also plays a catalytic role in removing pigments, odors, a large number of biochemical organic compounds, reducing the residual chlorine value of the water and pesticide pollutants and removing trihalides (THM) and other pollutants in the water。At the same time, the equipment has a self-maintenance system, and the operating cost is very low。
       Safety filter

       The security filter is used to remove the residual suspended matter, non-curved particles and colloids in the water, making the subsequent equipment such as the ultrafiltration system safer and more reliable。The filter element is 5um melt-blown filter element. The purpose is to prevent the upper filter unit from removing impurities larger than 5um that are missed。Prevent access to the ultrafiltration device from damaging the surface of the membrane, thereby damaging the performance of the membrane。

Shaanxi mineral water treatment equipment manufacturers

       Ultrafiltration device
       UltraFiltration (UF) is a solution under pressure, the solvent and some low molecular weight solute through the membrane pores to the other side of the membrane, and the polymer solute or other emulsified micelles are trapped to achieve the purpose of separation from the solution。Its separation mechanism is mainly based on physical screening。When the ultrafiltration separation is applied to the material liquid after a certain pressure, the polymer material, colloidal material due to the adsorption of the membrane surface and micropores, blocked in the hole and the mechanical screening effect of the membrane surface are blocked by the ultrafiltration membrane in three ways, and water and low molecular material through the membrane。Mineral water and spring water equipment can use ultrafiltration devices to effectively remove colloids, chemical organic matter, heavy metals, bacteria and other macromolecular organic matter in water, and retain beneficial trace elements in water。
       Uv sterilizer or ozone sterilizer (optional) kills bacteria produced by secondary pollution thoroughly ** the sanitary index of finished water.