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Shaanxi pure water treatment technology

Author: admin Release Date: 2023-06-12 Qr code sharing


1. 前言

In recent years, with the increasing demand for people's living standards, higher requirements have been put forward for the quality and safety of drinking water。In this context, the pure water treatment process in Shaanxi Province has been widely used and promoted。This white paper aims to introduce the pure water treatment technology and its advantages in Shaanxi Province to provide consumers with a deeper understanding。

2. Shaanxi Province pure water treatment process overview

The pure water treatment process refers to the removal of impurities in the water through a series of physical, chemical and biological methods, so that the water meets the national standards of drinking water。The process mainly includes pretreatment system, deep filtration system, reverse osmosis system,..Algae-killing system and remineralization system。

2.1 Preprocessing system

Pretreatment system refers to the removal of suspended matter, sediment and other impurities in water by precipitation, filtration, softening and other methods, so as to..The burden of subsequent water treatment facilities,..Subsequent operations proceeded smoothly。

2.2 Deep filtration system

The deep filtration system uses a microporous filter element to remove bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in the water, making the water more pure。

2.3 Reverse osmosis system

Reverse osmosis system is one..The membrane treatment technology filters out chemical pollutants such as dissolved solids, heavy metals and organic matter in the water through the semi-permeable membrane, thereby effectively purifying the water quality。

2.4 ..Algaecide system

..The algae-killing system mainly uses ultraviolet light, ozone and other methods to carry out bacteria and algae in water..And algaecide treatment,..The water quality reached the national standard。

2.5 Remineralization system

Remineralization system can purify water at the same time, add the right amount of minerals, improve the taste of water, and is beneficial to human health。

3. The advantages of pure water treatment technology in Shaanxi Province

3.1 ..Purify water quality

Shaanxi Province pure water treatment process using a variety of methods combined application, can..Remove impurities and pollutants from the water, purify the water, and make the water more pure。

3.2. Mature and stable technology

The purified water treatment process in Shaanxi Province has been applied and verified for a long time, and the technology is mature and stable, which can provide high-quality purified water stably。

3.3 Easy to operate and easy to maintain

The pure water treatment process in Shaanxi Province adopts automatic control system, which is simple to operate, reduces manual intervention, and equipment maintenance is also relatively simple。

3.4 Environmental protection and energy Saving

The pure water treatment process in Shaanxi Province mainly uses physical, chemical and biological methods to remove pollutants, does not produce secondary pollution, and also pays attention to energy saving during operation。

4. 结语

In summary, the pure water treatment process in Shaanxi Province adopts modern treatment technology, which can..Clean water, operation